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Foto-sitet dpreview.com har været så heldige at få fat i det spritnye Nikon D90 DSLR kamera, og har været utrolig hurtige til at få en artikel klar, så vi andre kan se om Nikon D90 har noget nyt at byde på i forhold til forgængeren Nikon D80.

dpreview.com skriver bl.a.:
First and foremost there’s a new CMOS sensor, which Nikon claim produces D300 quality output at up to ISO 6400 and – one of several features to ‘trickle down’ from higher models – the same highly acclaimed 3.0-inch VGA screen as the D3/D300. Naturally it has Live View with contrast-detect AF and it would have been surprising had it not sported some form of dust removal system. More surprising is the inclusion of the world’s first DSLR movie mode (720p HDTV quality, no less) and HDMI output, though as we’ll see later it does come with some limitations. A lot of the core photographic spec is the same as or very similar to the D80, though there is a new shutter and an implementation of the 3D tracking AF seen on the D3/D300.

And it’s not just the high end models that have lent features and technology to the D90; the user interface has been given the same user-friendly treatment as the D60, as have the retouching options. As it was explained to use the D90 is intended to appeal to the broadest audience of any Nikon SLR, from first-time ‘step up’ customers moving from a compact to serious amateurs wanting comprehensive photographic control without the cost and weight of a D300. Whether the D90 turns out to be a jack or a master of all trades we’ll discover when we get a final production body to review, but our early impressions are overall pretty positive. Note that for the moment the D80 will continue to be sold, possibly well into 2009 – expect to see prices falling as soon as the D90 settles in.

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