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40849b27faa42a9e har anmeldt Sigma DP2, et af markedets absolut bedste kompaktkameraer, der levere billedkvalitet næsten på højde med DSLR kameraer. I dette 24 siders review kommer virkelig i dybden med Sigma DP2. skriver bl.a.:
For many years we, along with a great many other photo enthusiasts, have been hoping, and cajoling manufacturers, for a small camera with a good lens and a large sensor. While the large manufacturers made approving noises, none of them seemed willing to make the first move. Instead the first mover ended up being a company that most people would associate with lenses, rather than cameras: Sigma.

The Sigma DP1 was an unusual camera – a stylish compact body built around a 28mm equivalent F4 lens. And, as if that didn’t make it niche enough, it included a Foveon sensor that uses a completely different technology for color capture than just about any other camera ever made. The result was a camera that could produce great images but had a list of quirks, restrictions and flaws that prevented it from making the impact it otherwise might have done.

Now, just over a year after the DP1 finally appeared, we have the DP2. Although the outward appearance is very similar to its forebear, much has changed inside. The most obvious difference is the lens – now offering a perhaps more flexible 41mm equivalent focal length and a faster maximum aperture of F2.8.

However the marketplace that the DP2 enters is very different from the one that greeted the DP1. The Panasonic/Olympus Micro Four Thirds format and the resulting E-P1 and GF1 mean that the DP2 has competitors (and comparatively flexible and consumer friendly ones at that), in a way that the DP1 never really did. So has Sigma been able to elliminate enough of the DP1’s foibles to let the DP2 withstand the onslaught of the little offerings from the big guns? Let’s find out.

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