Review: Sigma DP2

sigmadp2 har anmeldt Sigma DP2, som er Sigma’s seneste kompaktkamera med APS-C sensor. Sigma DP2 er noget af det tætteste du kommer på kvaliteten fra et spejlreflekskamera, men i en langt mere kompakt indpakning. skriver bl.a.:
With the recently released the DP2 Sigma adds another camera to their current APS-C sensor sized lineup.

Besides a newer and quicker interface the most distinguishable difference is the built-in prime lens. While the former Sigma DP1 had a 16.4mm (28mm equiv.) F4 wide angle lens the new DP2 features a 24.2mm (41mm equiv.) F2.8 standard focal length lens. This lens is an all-round performer that can do everything from landscapes to reportage and press photography.

The first thing that will strike your mind compering the two is how similar they look. Its basically built around the same body as the DP1 which isn´t a bad thing since I liked the former aluminium body. The DP2 features the same sharp 2.5″ screen and almost the same buttons. The layout is slightly different and now better placed. In addition to the great focus wheel, mode selector wheel, exposure and likewise there’s a new and welcomed quick selector menu where things as white balance, ISO, flash and metering modes can be selected very quick. This is great especially if you need to change features such as ISO quickly as a press photographer on the move.

Despite the lens itself is a bit narrower it is also a bit longer and heavier. As with the DP1 lens-hood and filter adapter (you´ll need both) comes as accessories and as with the DP1 they are highly recommendable for preventing flare and for not damaging the lens ifself if you should by accident slam the camera into something.

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