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samsung-wb500 har anmeldt Samsung WB500, der med 10x optisk zoom, 24mm vidvinkel og HD video virker til at være et rigtig fornuftig “value for money” kamera. skriver bl.a.:
It’s been several months since I last reviewed a Samsung camera, and in the intervening time the Korean electronics giant has completely revamped its entire range. I’m hoping to get quite a few of the new models in over the next few weeks, but for today I’ve got one of the most interesting of them, the WB500. Although it’s only the base model of the creative WB series, it has an impressive specification, featuring a 10.2MP sensor, a 2.7-inch LCD monitor, 720p HD video recording, limited manual exposure control and an industry first, a 10x zoom lens with a 24mm-equivalent wide-angle.

As I’ve remarked before, the long-zoom compact market is extremely competitive, and the WB500 will be going up against some very strong recent rivals, including the Canon SX200 IS, the Ricoh CX2, the Olympus mju 9000, and of course the benchmark for this class, the Panasonic TZ7. The WB500 offers a specification which bears comparison to any of these, but it only costs £170. That’s the advantage of being the world’s largest conglomerate company; when you make all of the components yourself, you can knock out some very advanced technology at ridiculously low prices.

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  1. The Samsung WB500 has plenty going for it. I like the idea of offering a long lens in a smaller body. Picture quality is very good indeed. You also have access to a basic manual exposure mode and High Definition movies.

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