Review: Ricoh GR Digital III

11872-a3quart har anmeldt Ricoh GR Digital III, som er markedets pt. dyreste kompaktkamera, som ikke engang er udstyret med et zoom objektiv – spørgsmålet er om billedkvaliteten er lige så høj som prisen? skriver bl.a.:
In the thin air of the highest summit of the digital compact camera market you’ll find a small and frostbitten handful of very expensive cameras to which the clichéd photography journalist’s ultimate accolade can be applied; the Real Photographer’s Camera. We’ve reviewed or reported on most of them, models like the fantastic Panasonic LX3, the stalwart Canon G10 and its newly announced replacement the G11, Canon’s other newcomer the S90, the Nikon P6000 and the technically impressive if somewhat flawed Sigma DP2. Often overlooked among such exclusive company is one of the best “photographer’s cameras” of the lot, the superb Ricoh GR Digital II. Today I’m taking a look at the successor to this camera, unexpectedly named the GR Digital III.

When Ricoh launched the original GR Digital in 2005 it was a bold and ambitious concept: a pocket-sized compact camera aimed at enthusiast photographers, offering SLR-like manual exposure controls, a large sensor, a fast hybrid AF system and a very high quality non-zoom wide-angle lens, in that case an f/2.4 equivalent to 28mm. Like an SLR it had a range of optional accessories, including a clip-on optical viewfinder and a 0.75x extension lens. At the time it was unlike anything else on the market, and didn’t have much competition apart from Canon’s aging flagship the PowerShot G6 and the ugly but awesome Olympus C-7070, both of which were big heavy cameras and far from pocket-sized.

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