Review: Pentax Optio P80

12114-p803quart har anmeldt Pentax Optio P80, et kamera som blev lanceret i Danmark tilbage i August mdr. skriver bl.a.:
Since Pentax merged with the Hoya Corporation in 2007 there have been persistent rumours that the company’s Optio range of digital compact cameras would be cancelled, freeing resources for the development of its much more profitable digital SLR range. However these rumours seem to be unfounded, at least so far, because new Optio models continue to appear, such as this Optio P80, a stylish 12-megapixel ultra compact with a 4x zoom wide-angle lens. 

There may be some evidence that compact camera development isn’t as high a priority as it used to be though, because the P80 is virtually identical to the Optio P70, launched earlier this year. The only real upgrades are the video recording mode, increasing the frame rate of the 1280 x 720 mode from 15 to 30fps, and an improvement to the face detection/recognition function, which can now detect up to 32 faces, and do so more quickly.

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