Review: Olympus Stylus-9000

olympus_stylus_9000_front har anmeldt Olympus Stylus-9000, der bl.a. byder på 10x optisk zoom – pakket ind i et meget kompakt og lækkert kamerahus. skriver bl.a.:
Olympus has the right idea with their new Stylus-9000 digital compact, and that is to put more optical zoom power into a smaller and more compact body. The idea that is driving their current line of compact ultrazooms is to offer an alternative to the bulkier DSLR-esque bodies (like their SP-590 and SP-570) and provide the photographer with a digital camera that is portable and less cumbersome while still retaining a lot of power. But with the sacrifice of things like a viewfinder and less real estate for the hand, does the Stylus-9000 cut it?

That question will be answered shortly, but the thing to know and like about the Stylus-9000 is what they want you to like, and that is the size and the telephoto range it provides. I tested the Stylus-9000 driving cross-country and I was able to test how it worked in different lighting scenarios and scenes with different contrasts.

The Stylus-9000 has quite a few different bells and whistles, including a 12 megapixel 1/2.33-inch CCD image sensor, a lens with a 10x optical zoom (28-280mm), dual image stabilization, Intelligent Auto, a 2.7 inch LCD, in-camera panorama stitching, face detection, and Shadow Adjustment Technology that helps bring out more detail in dark areas in the frame. With this all included in the Stylus-9000, you get the resolution, image stabilization and an ultra-portable camera that is begging to be taken along for an adventure, and that’s just what I did.

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