Review: Lowepro Adventura 120

Det er ikke så tit vi støder på anmeldelser af kameratasker fra udlandet, men har netop anmeldt Lowepro Adventura 120. skriver bl.a.:
One question almost every photographer has to answer is, “how will I carry my camera?” In many instances you can just drape the camera strap around your neck and go. Occasionally you may want to have your camera with you, but not hanging around your neck. The most obvious solution is to buy a camera bag.

Lowepro camera bags have long been recognized for their usability, ergonomics, robust construction, and quality materials. The diminutive Lowepro Adventura 120 is a prime example. The Lowepro Adventura 120 is an attractive, minimalist camera bag that shouldn’t attract too much attention – which can be an important security consideration in our uncertain world.

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Om Noel Christensen

Noel er grundlægger og redaktør på Benytter Canon EOS 7D samt Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5.

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