Review: Kodak EasyShare Z950

easyshare_z9501 har anmeldt Kodak EasyShare Z950, et 12 megapixel kompaktkamera med hele 10x optisk zoom, og HD video. skriver bl.a.:
Back in July I reviewed the Kodak EasyShare Z915, a reasonably-priced compact zoom camera featuring a 10x zoom lens and a 10-megapixel sensor. Despite its AA-powered bulk and slightly clunky appearance it was a pretty decent cameras and very good value for money, so it’s not too surprising that Kodak has followed it with another compact zoom, although a rather more sleek and sophisticated offering, today’s review camera the EasyShare Z950.

Priced at a competitive £199.99 from Kodak’s own website, but available for under £180 is you shop around online, the Z950 is aimed at the buyer who really wants a Panasonic TZ7 but can’t afford it. The specification is impressive for the price. It features the same compact 10x zoom lens, equivalent to 35-350mm, as the Z915, but with a higher resolution 12-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CCD sensor and a larger three-inch 230k LCD monitor. It has much the same range of features and options as the Z912, but crucially adds the now obligatory HD video recording.

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