Review: Jobu Design BWG-Pro

jobudesignbwgpro har anmeldt Jobu’s top-model indenfor gimbal hoveder, og denne gang har det fået det mundrette navn “Jobu Design BWG-Pro”. skriver bl.a.:
The Jobu Design BWG-Pro is a all-new designed gimbal head. Canadian Jobu Design thought of and listened to a number of ideas and requests to come up with the BWG-Pro aimed and targeted directly at professional nature and sport photographers.

The unit holds a lot of similarities to their older top op the line BWG-HD (Read my review of the BWG-HD) and aims to improve usability and even more importantly stability.
One way to improve stability is the increase the strength and size of the material you´re using – Unfortunately with a weight penalty. At least that’s what comes to mind at first glance seeing this using beside the BWG-HD – “What a beast this BWG-Pro is” was certainly my reaction.

My initial presumption was quickly shattered when I first picked it up from the box it came in. Being sure this BWG-Pro beast would be at least two times as heavy as the BWG-HD I prepared for a hefty lift. Totally unnecessary because the unit weighs nothing more than a few gram over the BWG-HD. The construction is totally maintenance free and enclosed to minimise sand and likewise obstructing items.

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