Review: Hardigg Storm Case IM2600 har anmeldt Hardigg Storm Case IM2600, en hardcase til fotofanatikeren der ønsker den absolut bedste beskyttelse mod både stød, vind, vejr og vand. skriver bl.a.:
Hardigg is based in USA and has over 50 years experience in building the toughest, most rugged and reliable hardcases aiming to fulfill the task of storing gear safely for military, scientists, engineers, dentists, law enforcement and photographers – The list goes on.

Hardigg offers a huge number of sizes and the IM2600 is aimed at photographers and others with more sensitive equipment. The army uses different cases and so with the industrial aimed cases.

The Hardigg Storm Case IM2600 comes in this configuration with multilayer cubed foam that allows you to choose the exact setup needed for the absolute best safety. The cubes comes in three layers and are therefore highly customizable. The foam is not standard configuration and most photographers would probably choose padded dividers because of their good protection and easy to adjust ability. They do not offer the same security as the foam and are similar to the ones found in most camera bags.

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Om Noel Christensen

Noel er grundlægger og redaktør på Benytter Canon EOS 7D samt Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5.

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