Review: Flip Video MinoHD – 2nd Gen (8GB) har anmeldt Flip Video MinoHD – 2nd Gen (8GB), og som navnet antyder er der tale om 2. generation af FLip Video MinoHD – et produkt som vi endnu ikke har set eller hørt meget til i Danmark. skriver bl.a.:
Cisco’s Flip isn’t the only pocket Internet camcorder around, but its name is virtually synonymous with the concept. Nevertheless, the company isn’t sitting on its laurels. Almost exactly a year since the launch of the first MinoHD, we now have the second incarnation. Aside from being silver, rather than white or black, there are a number of notable enhancements.

The new MinoHD is virtually the same size as the predecessor, although the brushed metal front and marginally more curvy edges make it feel smaller. The infamous flip-out USB plug, which gives all the Flip devices their name, has been redesigned as well. It’s construction is now less fussy and it sits flush with the body. The 2.5mm jack, which provided analogue video and audio connectivity in the original version, has been removed, to be replaced by a mini HDMI port. This will allow you to watch your movies in all their HD digital glory on an HDTV. But no adapter cable is supplied in the box, so you will need to buy one to use this feature.

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