Review: Flip SlideHD har anmeldtFlip SlideHD, en lille enhed der kan lidt af det hele, bl.a. optage video og billeder. skriver bl.a.:
When networking specialist Cisco acquired Flip maker Pure Digital in 2009, rumors swirled that the next-generation Flip would be a connected device that could possibly enable wireless and effortless video sharing, given Flip’s proclivity for simplicity.

It turns out the rumors were wrong. With its latest offering, the Flip SlideHD, Cisco instead focuses on playback with the addition of a slide-out-and-up 3-inch touchscreen that gives the gadget the appearance of a portable media player. Other than that tweak and an increased capacity to 16GB, Cisco hasn’t changed much from the UltraHD and MinoHD. Like those Flips, the SlideHD has one shooting mode at 720p/30fps, a fixed-focus lens, and is extremely easy to operate.

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