Review: FEISOL UA-180 Carbon U-Mount head

feisolua-180 har anmeldt FEISOL UA-180 Carbon U-Mount head, et sprit nyt hoved fra FEISOL der blander sig med de tunge drenge fra bl.a. Jobu Design. skriver bl.a.:
The Feisol UA-180 Carbon fiber U-mount gimbalstyle head is as the title suggest a brand new carbon fiber head for telephoto to super telephoto lenses. The head is rated at a staggering 15kg´s.

As of today Feisol have been making their famous carbon fiber tripods and ball-heads and decided to get into the small and tough market of gimbal heads after demands from their costumers.

The head itself is quite a thing to look at. Very impressive and very exotic looking the Feisol fiber feels top notch quality with dual adjustments for everything included panning, tilting, height of the quick-release base and the huge quick-release. All which supplies the user with highly tweak able settings for whatever equipment you may use. Feisol used high quality ball barrings for both horizontal and vertical level with dual barrings in the to “towers”. The panning base is easily locked using on of the two locking knobs or both. The same goes for the vertical adjustment knobs although the best setting seems to be the one where logically both sides have been adjusted accordingly.

All loosened the base and therefore the panning it ultra smooth easily in the same region as the Jobu Design BWG-PRO that I currently use. The base is marked with degrees. The locking knobs are made of hard plastic and although small dothe job without you would ever worry they would come loose. It would have been nice if the knobs were rubberized but its a minor thing.
The dual knobs are perfect for left or right hand users and it requires only a small turn in order to lock it down.

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