Review: Datacolor Spyder3 Express har anmeldt Datacolor Spyder3 Express, et nyt produkt til kalibrering af PC skærme. skriver bl.a.:
Even professional-grade LCD monitors, such as the superb HP DreamColor LP2480zx, can benefit a lot from colour calibration. Especially since the switch from CRT to LCD for monitors, colour calibration is crucial to anyone who is half-serious about imaging or graphics, and the only way to get the best calibration is with an external device known as a colorimeter.

Datacolor specialises in products for the calibration of most screen types, from professional monitors to TVs, and with many colorimeter sets costing well over £100 its Spyder3 Express comes in at a surprisingly affordable £73. As you would expect, this represents the base of its Spyder3 line, which also includes Pro (around £100), Elite (generally about £130), Print and TV models.

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