Review: Canon LEGRIA HF21

12154-legriahf21bsllcdbig har anmeldt Canon LEGRIA HF21, et Full HD videokamera med hele 64GB hukommelse om bord. skriver bl.a.:
In 2008, Canon raised the bar on AVCHD camcorders with its HF10 and HF100. But its 2009 models, whilst remaining excellent, haven’t been able to maintain the same kind of lead. Where the HF10, HF11 and HF100 provided premium quality at a relatively reasonable price, the new models have tended to either provide ultimate quality with no expense spared, such as the LEGRIA HF S10, or to reduce features for greater affordability, such as the LEGRIA HF20. The LEGRIA HF21 is heir to the latter.

In keeping with Canon’s numbering strategy, the HF21 is essentially an improvement on its predecessor. It’s still based on the same 1/4in CMOS sensor as the HF20, which boasts a gross 3.89-megapixels. Thanks to the smaller sensor size compared to the 2008 models, a 15x optical zoom is available. The autofocus system combines both regular through-the-lens (TTL) techniques and Canon’s Instant AF, which uses an external active sensor. This means the HF21 can focus even in bright or dark conditions, unlike camcorders that rely entirely on TTL.

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