Review: Canon EOS 600D har anmeldt Canon’s nye consumer-flagskib, nemlig Canon EOS 600D. skriver bl.a.:
Canon’s EOS 600D – or Rebel T3i as it’s known in North America – is the company’s latest upper entry-level DSLR. Announced in February 2011, it’s numerically the successor to the EOS 550D / T2i, although the older model is expected to remain on-sale at a lower price point.

The EOS 600D / T3i is positioned between the EOS 550D / T2i and EOS 60D in Canon’s current DSLR lineup, but at first glance it’s much closer to the former. Externally the EOS 600D / T3i greatly resembles the 550D / T2i, with similar dimensions, weight, build, styling and controls. Internally it also shares the same 18 Megapixel sensor and core HD movie modes, not to mention the same viewfinder, AF system, continuous shooting, 3in 1040k pixel screen and metering, but as Canon tradition dictates, it inherits a number of key aspects from a higher-end model in the range (in this case the EOS 60D), along with at least one brand new feature.

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