Review: 4 Carbon Fiber Fotostativer


‘ har lavet et større review af 4 af de mest populære carbon fiber fotostativer på markedet i England. Det drejer sig om: Slik Pro 714CF II, Induro CX114, Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 og Velbon Sherpa Pro CF-535. Herhjemme er det nok Manfrotto og Velbon som de fleste vil kunne genkende, hvorimod de 2 andre mærker er forholdsvis ukendte i Danmark. skriver bl.a.:
Arguably, and the way the comments section has been recently you probably will argue, a decent tripod is the single most important accessory for any keen photographer. By attaching your camera securely to a solid support, you totally eliminate camera shake, which means you’re free to use much longer exposures than are possible when holding the camera by hand. Plus, setting the camera up on a tripod gives you time to think about your shot, and forces you to consider the position and angle of the camera and to compose your image, rather than just snapping away. A good tripod can make you into a better photographer.

A good tripod needs to have a particular set of qualities. First and foremost, it needs to be rigid. A tripod that wobbles or bounces is no use to anyone. Second, it needs to be strong enough to support your camera, which in the case of most enthusiast photographers means a digital SLR, probably fitted with a long zoom lens, which can easily weigh a couple of kilos. Finally it needs to be light enough to be portable. There’s no point buying a tripod if you never take it out with you because it’s too heavy to carry around.

The cheapest tripods, usually made from extruded aluminium with plastic fittings, are often very light, but fail on the first two criteria. Most are about as rigid as a blancmange and would likely crumple under the weight of a large DSLR. They’re just about OK if you use a small compact camera, but they’re still pretty flimsy.

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