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Author Archives: Noel Christensen

Review: Pentax X90

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Pentax X90, som er Pentax’s seneste superzoom kamera nmed forbedret batteri. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: Considering that Pentax is one of the original “Big Five” camera companies (along with Canon, Nikon, Minolta and Olympus), and has been making digital cameras for over a decade, it’s rather surprising that last year’s X70 was the company’s first foray into the ...

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Review: Epson Stylus SX215

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Epson Stylus SX215, en rimelig prisstærk all-in-one maskine, der dog til gengæld ikke hører til de mest økonomiske når snakken falder på forbrugsstoffer. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: What kind of all-in-one printer can you get for £45? If you’re buying Epson, the answer is really quite a reasonable device, but with some shortcomings. At this price, we’re definitely ...

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Review: Sigma AF 24-70mm f/2.8 EX HSM DG

Photozone.de har anmeldt Sigma AF 24-70mm f/2.8 EX HSM DG, et standard zoom objektiv der bl.a. er velegnet til full format kameraer. Photozone.de skriver bl.a.: A fast (f/2.8) standard zoom lens is one of the key products for many professional photographers and consequently such lenses are currently offered by all three full format DSLR manufacturers. Unfortunately at sky high prices ...

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Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10, entry-modellen indenfor G-micro system-serien. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: There’s no doubt now that mirrorless system cameras are here to stay, with Samsung, Olympus and Sony all now heading down the trail that Panasonic blazed with its revolutionary G-Micro system, and more sure to follow. The original Lumix G1, the first camera of the G-Micro system, ...

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Review: Canon PIXMA iP3600

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Canon PIXMA iP3600, en lille standard inkjet printer med 2 papirbakker, fornuftig printkvalitet og seperate blækpatroner. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: Although all-in-one machines outstrip sales of single-function printers, there are good reasons why you may not need the extra functions of a combined device. You may already have a flatbed scanner or do very little scanning or copying, ...

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Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX70

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX70, et luksuriøst kompaktkamera med bl.a. touchskærm og HD video. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: It had to happen sooner of later. Panasonic has finally changed the design of its flagship luxury compact model. A body shape that has been around since the launch of the original DMC-FX1 in 2003, and continued virtually unaltered through the FX3, ...

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Review: Sigma DP2s

Trustedreviews.com har anneldt Sigma DP2s, som er afløseren for DP2’eren. DP2s’eren er udstyret ned Foveon X3 sensor. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: I have to admit, this is a review I’ve been looking forward to writing, for two different reasons. After being off work following an operation it’s the first new camera I’ve had a chance to play with for more than ...

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Review: Canon IXUS 300 HS

Trustedreviews.com har haft fingrene i det spritnye Canon IXUS 300 HS, hvor man straks bemærker HS’et, der står for High Speed. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: A couple of years ago Canon stood as the undisputed leader in virtually all areas of the digital camera market, but it has recently seen that lead disappear under a relentless onslaught from its many determined ...

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Review: Gitzo Traveller 2 Tripod

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Gitzo Traveller 2 Tripod, og eftersom anmelder af tripods ikke hører til dagligdagen, vil jeg klart anbefale at man bruger 15 minutter på at læse den omfattende anmeldelse. Trustedreviews.com skriver bl.a.: If you take your photography seriously, the most useful accessory you can get is a good solid tripod, and they don’t come any more solid than ...

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Review: Samsung WB650

Trustedreviews.com har anmeldt Samsung WB650, kameraet der skal tage kampen op mod bl.a. TZ10’eren fra Panasonic. Trustedreviews.com skriver  bl.a.: As I’ve remarked before, the long-zoom compact or “travel camera” is one of the most fiercely competitive sectors of the digital camera market, with most of the major manufacturers fielding rival models sporting a range of advanced features. Although the format ...

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