Test: Canon EOS 1000D

dpreview.com har testet Canon’s seneste “low-end” DSLR kamera, EOS 1000D. EOS 1000D er lanceret som et billigt alternativ til EOS 450D, men rent prismæssigt er forskellen i øjeblikket ikke ret stor.

Vigtigste specifikationer:

  • 10,1 Megapixel CMOS-sensor
  • Op til 3 billeder i sekundet
  • 7-punkts AF med bredt område
  • Selvrensende sensor
  • 2,5” LCD-skærm med Live View-tilstand
  • DIGIC III-processor
  • SD-/SDHC-kortholder
  • Picture Styles billeddannelse
  • Let og kompakt
  • Kompatibel med EF-/EF-S-objektiver og EX Speedlites
  • dpreview.com skriver bl.a.:
    When Canon launched the EOS 300D back in 2003 it was widely regarded as the first affordable digital SLR and secured Canon a seemingly indomitable number-one spot in the market. Since then the ‘small’ Canon has gone through three further iterations and the current model – the EOS 450D – offers a feature set and image quality that could only have been dreamed about five years ago (and at a price point well below the 300D’s). However, the competition haven’t been idle spectators and have recently launched a number of de-spec’ed cameras that have redefined the entry level segment and undercut the EOS 450D in the DSLR hierarchy.

    Canon has now responded to this mounting pressure by launching a new model one tier below the 450D in its current lineup – the EOS 1000D. It shares bits and pieces with Rebels gone by and, depending from which angle you look at it, the new model is either a stripped down 450D or a ‘reheated’ 400D. It’s a lower specification camera than the 450D, by every measure you might see listed on the shop shelf, but is not the huge step down that its market positioning might lead you to expect.

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    Kilde: Canon.dk, dpreview.com

    Om Noel Christensen

    Noel er grundlægger og redaktør på MyDigitalPhotos.dk. Benytter Canon EOS 7D samt Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5.

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